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Yes Dentistry Adelaide


YES Dentistry offers all general dental services and affordable options for crowns and bridges, veneers, braces and implants in Adelaide.


Whether using our famous dental payment plan, or paying as you go, YES Dentistry is Adelaide’s first choice for treatment of common aesthetic dental issues including crooked, cracked, discoloured, stained, chipped, missing, gapped and worn teeth.

In Adelaide, a general dentist provides a patient with a diagnosis, dental management and co-ordination of their oral health needs. Our Adelaide general dentists are concerned with prevention and treatment of oral diseases and problems. Let us be your general dentist and we will work in partnership with you to maintain your oral health by being your primary oral health care provider. Good oral health is important for overall general health. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is very important. Latest research has shown links between dental disease and other chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

Typically a new patient visits one of our dentists at our Adelaide clinic with an idea of what they want and asks us for answers that others may have not been able to provide. Apart from taking care of you when you have a toothache (and we’re great at getting rid of the pain) you may want to know about…



1.Care for ageing or breaking teeth
2.A smile makeover that looks attractive and natural
3.Bringing your teeth into line
4.Closing up a gap between your teeth
5.Replacing broken or missing teeth
6.Getting rid of chips and cracks
7.Restoring old, broken, stained or discoloured teeth
8.Replacing ugly metal fillings with natural tooth coloured ones
9.Eliminating the need for a plate or dentures
10.Enhancing the whiteness or brightness of your teeth


As a totally full service Adelaide dental clinic, we’re able to help you with virtually any oral problems you might have. And once we’ve taken care of those, we’ll work with you to develop a personal dental maintenance program to assure your teeth will look and feel their best – today and into the future!

At YES Dentistry we are a family owned and Adelaide based dental practice caring about our patients’ dental and oral health. Our experienced dentists and hygienist are committed to providing a quality dental service at an affordable price and offer you complete dental care on your budget. We are a proud South Australian employer investing in the future of our great state.

Call YES Dentistry today for an appointment at our Adelaide based clinic to discuss your general dental health. We also offer the convenience of online bookings and every new patient receives a free dental consultation or examination and 2 bite-wing x-rays if required (no gap for health fund patients)*.


*Conditions apply